Muchas 'n' Poquitos (1994 -         )

The Muchas 'n' Poquitos Collection is based on two little creatures who fell from the sky and into my hands. At first I wasn't sure what to do with them, but the more Muchas 'n' Poquitos shared their messages I began to listen and soon became an "interpreter" of their thoughts and wishes. Muchas 'n' Poquitos have taught me that it is important to love who you are and everything about yourself, because this is the greatest gift you can be to the world. Everything big and small is part of a greater whole. We all came from love.


I noticed that as I started to believe and trust in myself, the messages and visions that I received from Muchas 'n' Poquitos became more and more rare. I believe this is because they are now integrated as energy into my latest abstract paintings.  What was representational has now become abstract.


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