Photo by Hector Felix

Artist Statement

My work and style changes as I do. It is important that I physically move with the painting. It is my intention to go within and express the inner beauty that exists and resides in all of us. The beauty that is here and everywhere.


As my style changes, the colors I use remain the same. I paint with colors that excite and colors that ground me.


My earlier abstract work (2003- 2013), or what I would like to define as "free-form" expression was about letting the "child-like" energy out. I would smear, mark, splash, and throw paint onto the canvas. I was extruding and expressing an energy, but not incorporating a "mindful" approach to the work.


Now in 2014 my approach to the work is to combine my physical expression with a mindful approach. To stand and breathe before each mark or smear that I make. It's a balancing of both mind and spirit. When the two are activated and are working together, freedom arises and I feel limitless. The more I paint or more importantly, create, a greater love arises for the people and the earth.


I have been asked, "how is your work relevant?" And I wonder, how can it not be? What we do, what we say, how we do, will affect those around us. We are interdependant of each other. I want to inspire people to feel "alive" or to be "awakened" to the beauty that exists within and outside of ourselves.


Step in and allow.



Lee Ann "Leebs" Goya graduated from California State University, Long Beach, with a BFA in Visual Communications in 1994. 

Her art has been featured in the Eco-logical Art Gallery in Los Angeles and displayed in galleries such as the DejaDesign Gallery in Los Angeles; Trunk Gallery in Venice; Barnsdall Gallery in Los Angeles; Cactus Gallery in Eagle Rock, California; and American Friends Gallery in Pasadena, California.

Leebs lives in Venice, California, with her partner and two animal companions.